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    So I'm really stuck with what I should do, and I hope you guys can help me. These questions are kind of interconnected (and I'm in China btw).

    I'm running ML on a Mid 2007 MBP. I've just installed an SSD and will install an Optibay cady+HDD when they arrive.

    Is it currently possible to expand my MBP's capabilities with a USB 3.0 or eSATA card? I read there are problems with 3.0 cards but I'm not sure what the situation is with eSATA is. Specifically some cheap cards are available and I would prefer to use them because of their price, rather than a foreign brand which will be marked up higher because of taxes. What do you guys recommend, and would it be worth going back to Snow Leopard or another version for compatibility if need be?

    eSATA example:
    USB3 example:

    External HDD

    I'm having a tough time deciding on what I want (money being the issue). A 2TB MyPassport is attractive and I haven't seen too many people complain about them breaking down, but is expensive and I would still need something to back it up to.

    I really doubt I'll have it plugged in very often if that helps you guys advise me. I keep most of what I need on my laptop and just move things back and forth when need be, which isn't more than twice a week I'd say. If I had the ability to have some kind of network I could always access without being plugged in I'd use it very often but since I'm constantly moving my laptop around the house it's hard for me to use a storage drive that way. On a side note, any good solutions for this? Would love to have something my 32"Sony Bravia could connect to... hate hooking my laptop up to it just to watch a movie.

    Bare drives+enclosures is a cool/fun thing I wanna try but with all the problems 2TB drives seem to be having I feel like I would have to buy at least two and make backups of my backup. I also can't decide what enclosure to buy because it depends on whether or not I'll be able to use an expresscard to give me some extra speed.

    So far I'm looking at these enclosures because they seem to be better options than the other things I've seen here in China and it'd be easy to swap out HDD, just tedious to back up my backups.. They're about 30, 46, and 64 USD respectively.

    1 USB3/eSATA+Metal/Plastic:
    2: USB2 or 3+Aluminium:
    3: USB3/eSATA+Aluminium:

    And any reason to use a 2TB drive over a 3TB drive?...

    External DVD Drive

    Basically I would just like to know if any brand will be ok. There may come a time where I'd like to reinstall Windows or burn a CD for work. I remember something about problems once an Optibay is installed but I don';t know if that's just for the DVD player or for things like booting, installing software, burning, etc.

    Final Questions

    Since most of my files will be on the HDD in the caddy on NTFS, will I want to use TimeMachine to back that up or something else?
    How do I want to use/partition my 2TB drive/s considering that Win7 is 64GB, ML is 64GB, and my WD Blue will be 1TB. I'm not very familiar with how the backup process really works but I remember the few times I used TimeMachine when it first came out, it didn't seem like I could just watch a movie that was backed up a year ago. It seemed more like I had to restore a previous state which might make me lose things. I mostly use my current external HDDs as storage space, I've never really backed anything up, and so I don't know how easy it will be to just access and use files from lets say, a few months ago.

    Since I will be using Win7 and the biggest backups will be of my WD Blue, could I just the eSATA/USB3 express card via Win7 when I want to back up things?

    Thank you for any help you can offer. Seriously I've been staying up all night trying to find out as much as I can for the past few nights and I just feel like I'm going further down the rabbit hole wanting RAID 10 enclosures with 3tb drives and USB/ESATA cardscomparing failure rates between different brands and checking out ridiculously priced enclosures etc etc etc....
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    Any help please? Especially with the express cards

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