Extend Airport Extreme with Non-Apple Wireless Extender

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by devster, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Sep 21, 2009

    I have got a airport extreme which has been giving disappointing range. I bought a wifi router here in Hong Kong, which have a very powerful transmitter to extend my wireless home network. The new router, can set it up as Wireless AP to extend my network. I can see both routers on iStumbler, each with their unique identifier, and the same SSID and Channel.

    However, I can see the computers and folders on the network, but I cannot access the internet when connected to the 'extending' router. Since it is the most powerful the macs and ipads tend to connect to that router. When I de-power the extending router and connect to the Extreme, the internet works.

    Is there a way I need to set up the TCP/IP & DNS (now I'm at the limit of my knowledge!) to allow the extending router to access the internet ?

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    You need to set the extender router in Bridge mode.
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    Sep 21, 2009
    It doesn't seem to have that option. There are 3 set up modes of operation as below

    1. Router Mode
    If you use xDSL/Fiber/Cable Modem/Community Broadband, select Router Mode please. Also, 3G/4G modem, wireless modem and WiFi hotspot shall use under this mode. This mode is to share Internet connections wired or wirelessly to multiple people and devices.

    2. AP Mode
    If you use a wired broadband router, or have a wired Internet connection (such as in a hotel), you can select AP Mode to turn your wired Internet into wireless.

    3. WiFi AP Mode
    If the wireless signal of your existing wireless router fails to cover the entire house, you can choose WiFi AP Mode. Connect Sapido Router to existing router by WPS button or via Sapido Router inbuilt program to easily extend and re-boost wireless signal to every corner in your house.

    I have it set up in wifi ap mode with my home wifi selected and the extended network with the same SSID and passphrase.As I say I can access computers on the network but not access the Internet whilst connected to the extender router. The brand is Sapido

    Thanks for your help so far
  4. devster thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 21, 2009
    Just to update for others in this predicament, I seem to have it working. Now I am not totally sure what all the terms are but here goes :

    Airport extreme set up as main router. It is connected via ethernet to my BB modem and does PPPOE

    Sapido 1732 set up as Wifi AP
    Changed its IP to as it was clashing with something
    Disabled DHCP (before this I could explore computers on the network, but not access the internet when I was connected to the sapido router)
    Joined & extended my home network

    Note, I cannot use my airport express to extend the network further since it says this network cannot be extended. However I have set it to join the home network so I can use airplay for audio to my stereo.

    Anyhow just to let people know. No doubt it will all crap itself soon, however at the moment I have a fully funtioning long range wireless network (for info with both routers in same position the Extreme gave 50-60% signal and the Sapido 90+%)

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