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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Redjericho, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2011
    Can anybody recommend a decent extended charging cable for my iPad? My outlet is just out of reach, so I can't use my iPad in bed while it charges. I've looked around the Internet and have seen a few, but every single one I have seen has negative reviews stating that it is cheap and breaks in a day. It doesn't even need to be capable of syncing, as long as it can charge i'll be happy.
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    Just buy a USB extender. Monoprice.com has them for under a buck. I've got several and they've lasted for years. Haven't had one fray or stop working yet which I can't say for Apple's $20 cables.
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    The nearest plug to my bed is behind the bed and is hard to get to and too far to reach. I use an extension cord. Well, actually I use a surge protector that is about 3' long and accommodates 3 devices. I have my iPad cube and my phone cube both plugged into it so both are on my nightstand.
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    Awesome, thanks a bunch, would not have thought of it myself :) And what a steal, only $0.85!
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    Lots of USB extension cables result in substantial power loss which affects charging times.

    If you unsnap the plug itself from your Apple charger - you can plug in a 2-pin non polarized power cord like the style used in a slimline Playstation, Nikon battery charger, ect...

    That way, it's cheap, AND you get to keep the charging times you have now.

    Free shipping on this one.

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