Extended Desktop Problems on Powerbook


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Mar 3, 2005
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I tried to search this and couldn't find anything so here we go...

On my newly purchased 1.33GHz 12" Powerbook I've finally tried out using my 19" Samsung 912n LCD as the main screen in extended desktop. I have it running the full 1280x1024 that my monitor can run. For a minute or so it looks great, but after awhile I get lines running across the screen like a TV not picking up on a signal for a tv show. Its not bad but I still notice it, and its annoying to me.I don't know if this is common or a bad videocard.
I also work at CompUSA and I tried a same model powerbook with the same Samsung monitor that I have and I didn't notice a thing on our demo's in store. I've even tried that same vga adaptor at work on my machines at home, and got the same thing. so i dont know, looking for any advice before I start calling Apple and asking wTf is going on.

:mad: :mad: :mad:
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