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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by shecky, Mar 9, 2007.

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    is this worth thinking about? i have a '03 jetta turbo which now has 45K miles on it that i bought new and the warranty is up in June. anyone have experience with buying an extended warranty? i am not sure how much they even cost yearly. my experience with the car is that it is a mechanical masterpiece but little electrical/cosmetic things go wrong; in the past the window fell into the door, trunk hinges bind up, etc...
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    Cost varies with number of years/miles it is for. I had one on a 98 Range Rover with 50000 miles, it was 4 years 48,000 for about $4000. We got more than our money's worth, because if you even turn around in the Land Rover dealer's parking lot they send you a $400 bill. I sold the vehicle and the warranty transferred to the new owner. After 2 years the warranty company went out of business, but he managed to get some free fixes from them.

    Also, a basic drivetrain warranty costs less than coverage for every thing. Read the list of exclusions carefully, things that are designed to be replaced are typically not covered.

    You'll need to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle prior to getting the warranty and they won't cover anything that fails the inspection until you can prove that it's been repaired.

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