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    I have a NetcommWireless (WiFi) ADSL modem, which I have "extended" using a 2011 Airport Extreme via WiFi as there was very poor/no signal at the opposite end of our house.

    I now get a strong WiFi signal near the Airport, but was hoping to be able to also use one of the Airport's ethernet ports for a non-WiFi iMac that I have down that end of the house...

    However, when I connect the iMac to the Airport Extreme, it recognises that there's an ethernet connection, but does not "join the net"...

    Can't an AEBS share the WiFi signal over ethernet as well?


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    I would run an Ethernet cable from the ADSL modem/router to the AEBS. Configure the AEBS to be in bridge mode with NAT and DHCP turned off. Configure the wifi on the AEBS to have the same wireless broadcast name, security settings, and password as the wifi settings on your ADSL router. In this setup, you should be able to connect things, such as your iMac, to the spare Ethernet ports on the AEBS.

    I don't think using the AEBS as a wifi to Ethernet bridge will work when connecting to non Apple wireless routers. You could look into using this if the first proposed solution isn't how you want things connected: http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Unive...35204&sr=8-5&keywords=wifi+to+ethernet+bridge
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    it can work but if you're wirelessly extending little to no coverage then that's just what you're doing, you are extending little to no coverage. You'd need to place the extender further back where you have decent coverage so that you are extending decent coverage.

    You are always extending the coverage from the area you place the extender in, so if there is no coverage in an area you can't create "internet" bandwidth in an area that doesn't have it. You can create a wifi network there and create good wifi range at that point but again you are creating range but you have nothing to move over that great range.

    The absolute best practice would be to hardwire any wireless extenders to your main source. You'd then get "amazing" wifi coverage.
    2nd best would be to move your extender back probably halfway between where it is now and the router you are extending from.

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