Extensify - Tweak 3rd party apps w/o jailbreak

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by billchase2, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Is anyone using Extensify on their iOS device? I did a quick search and was surprised not to see any threads on it yet. Basically, it allows you to install modified versions of apps from the App Store without a jailbreak. A popular example is Phantom for Snapchat.

    For access, you must request a code and they're randomly selecting people every day or so to sign up. I received my code the other day and found that the code gives you access to purchase a 3 month subscription for $8.99. It's a little pricey IMO, but I was curious and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, they do not yet support iOS 9.3 so I have not yet been able to install the app. However, the dev informed me that support will be available within a couple of days.

    There's a thread on reddit that lists all available "Exos" (tweaks) currently available.

    Has anyone else signed up for the service? Thoughts?
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    I'm not putting this down because for those who want it I think the idea is great.

    I'm just not into paying $8.99 every three months to modify the ten or so apps (many stock apps) that I use frequently.

    If I were to be someone who used my phone for lots of apps I could see paying this though.
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    I have not tried Intensify, nor will I pay that much for an app such as that, but I do use App Admin, which allows you to downgrade any Apple store app that Apple still signs/hosts. The best part is that it's free (but I would pay for it if was a buck or two).
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    So it's basically flex 2 for non jailbroken people?

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