External Battery that Charges Macbook Pro Full?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by andrew87, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Is anyone aware of an external USB C battery that can charge the new Macbook Pros from 0 to 100%? I'm personally looking for something to charge the non touch bar 13 inch. Curious if people had the same question.
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    would love to hear recs too

    dozens on amazon but not clear which are definitely capable of usb-c charging new mbpros
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    Oct 10, 2013
  4. bartvk, Jan 14, 2017
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    Is there a reason why you need to fully charge it? Just trying to understand the circumstances here.

    And is it okay if you charge it overnight? If so, you can just about buy any big battery pack and charge the MBP with an USB-A to USB-C cable. It'll take ages, but it's great since charging slower at lower voltages will be more efficient.

    To fully charge a MBP, you need a pretty big battery. The internal battery is 76 Wh. To charge that, let's take 20% charging loss so you'll need 91.2 Wh.

    Most batteries give their capacity as mAh, but that's at their native (internal) voltage of 3.3V. So you'll need 91.2 Wh / 3.3V = 27.636 Ah. Rounded off, look for an external battery that gives you at least 28000 mAh.

    That's either two of these:
    Except for the cable, a pretty good review: https://plus.google.com/102612254593917101378/posts/gXNDSqZJVgv

    or one of this:
    Mediocre review: https://plus.google.com/102612254593917101378/posts/XNH22inUQAw

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