external case for MBA 2012 SSD, NGFF??

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    After removing the 256GB SSD from my 2012 MacBook Air, I want an external case to house it, so I can use it as an external drive. I've searched eBay, and there are external cases what refer to NGFF.

    I Googled the following, which seems to be what I need, but I wanted to get something from ebay, rather than purchasing directly from China. I assume that the required information I need is contained in the writing below that I copied from the Chinese website, but can someone let me know what information is relevant.

    Hence, I want to know what details I have to specify, so that it will work with the SSD that comes out of the 2012 MacBook Air 11".


    Name:USB 3.0 external 2012 MACBOOK AIR MD223-224 MD231-232 ssd case
    PA-U3MC2012 USB 3.0 external 2012 APPLE MACBOOK AIR MD224 MD223 MD231 MD232 7+17pin ssd case is used to reuse your 2012 MACBOOK air SSD as external HDD .
    1. only fit for 17+7 pins 2012 MacBook Air SSD which is mainly used in A1466 - 13-inch (MD231, MD232), A1465 - 11-inch (MD223, MD224)
    Pls don't insert 2010/2011 macbook air SSD which mainly used in macbook Air A1369 A1370 (MC503 MC504 MC505 MC506) MC965 MC966 MC968 MC969.
    Package included :

    2012 MacBook PRO SSD USB 3.0 case

    Compatible SSD from Macbook Model
    2012 Macbook Pro A1398(Model NO) Â MC975 MC976(Order NO)

    Product Feature
    Install MacBook SSD in this adapter as external HDD
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    This confused as I was researching online....is it 7+17 or 8+18?

    How can it be both?
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