External display not functioning after reinstall

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by chainprayer, Nov 5, 2010.

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    I recently had to restore my computer from a TM backup. Everything works find except for my external screen. I have a VGA adapter that I use to attach my MacBook to my Vizio HDTV.

    Upon reattaching my TV for the first time the resolution was not optimal (slightly blurred, black bars on side) so I tried going back to my original screen resolution. This caused my laptop screen to go black and the TV said no signal. The only way I could get my laptop screen back was to do a safe boot and change the settings back.

    Now when I attach the display adapter my laptop screen refreshes but the TV continues to say no signal. I cannot detect any new displays and gather windows does nothing. Ack!

    I would really appreciate some help! We miss our Hulu and Netflix on the big screen! :(
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    There may be more immediately useful suggestions from someone else, but does your Vizio TV have an HDMI input available? If so, you'd get better quality (and be less likely to have resolution issues) using that rather than VGA. You could either use a MacBook-->HDMI adapter with an HDMI cable, or MacBook-->DVI, with a DVI-HDMI cable (the two formats are directly compatible with each other).

    If you have a newer MacBook, the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter even includes audio, so no need to run a separate audio cable.
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    Dec 1, 2010
    audio malfunction

    hey! i converted my macbook to windows 7, everything went on successfully, but the sound isn't coming out, i tried to see if the drivers were missing but the result show that the audio was installed automatically with the windows. so i tried to see if the sound configuration wasn't configured correctly but it was in right functioning.
    please i am lost! can anyone help?

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