External Drive stopped copying files, wont cancel...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by grizzlybrice, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I am backing stuff up to an external drive (G-Raid 1TB, if that matters), and the process will randomly stop and not allow me to cancel out the copy process once it does so.

    I have had multiple problems with many drives (lacie and g-raid) in the past before, on different machines (G5 tower, mac pros, intel imacs, etc) so for some reason in my head I figure it as random.

    I'm guessing there's a hiccup somewhere... They're all formatted correctly to handle large files, and I know it's not good, but if it hangs up and I pull power or shut down, it'll unfreeze and remount (about 80% of the time success rate, 20% of the time it wont even show up, not even in disk utility...). This also occurs when I am going from external drive to external drive and internal drive to external drive. It seems very random...

    [edit] Oh, and finder seems to stall out too (like it is now) and when I try to relaunch it, it will not come back until one of the drives that is causing the problem is disconnected from the computer...


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    With all drives? If it's just one I'd suggest drive failure is a possibility...

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