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    Jan 5, 2014
    First of all... I'm not even sure where to post this... but... anyway...

    I have a mac book air. And I wanted to play some DS emulated games through the Desmume emualtor. I'm also considering on getting Assassins Creed.
    I also have this Cyborg V3 rumble pad. Which is a gaming pad (I think that's how it's called) that can be connected to a computer or a PS2 or 3.

    I installed their software but it doesn't seem to work. I remember using the V3 in a Windows machine without that software anyways... but I did use some 3rd party app whose name I don't even remember (and probably doesn't have an osx version) which basically allowed the key's pressed in the gaming pad to be understood as such, so I could set the keybinds in a game where "jump" would be "pad1" which would be the equivalent of the cross button in the pad.

    Is there a way to map the keybinds of the gaming pad to keys from the keyboard? Like pressing the circle button in the gamming pad would be the same as pressing "A".
    If not is there I can work around so that keybind settings from games (or Desmume) can recognize the keys pressed in the gamind pad

    Sorry for the confused question... hopefully I've been clear enough as to what I want.
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    Jan 5, 2014
    Already found a solution.

    Here it is, for reference and in case someone else faces this issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy7bKRrCDl0

    The program is called GamePad Companion.

    It maps the gamepad's keys has keyboard keys. Things like pressing "X" on your gamepad equals pressing "space" on the keyboard... which would is pretty much the standard jump button on most games.

    In case anyone else finds a friendlier solution let me know.

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