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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by laughingbabe16, Oct 14, 2007.

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    So I recently got an external hard-drive, 80GB by FireLite, I believe. Anyways, I only have 25 GB of space left from my 60 GB H.D. on my macbook. To save some space, I want to put my iPhoto library and iTunes library on my external H.D. How do I do this without screwing up anything and or losing all my data? (BTW, I have the new iLife 2008 version, as I know the bundling of iPhoto library changed).

    Second question- not at all related to the first. What do people mean when they say they need to re-image their computer? Does this mean re-install the operating system and start anew? If not, then what does re-imaging entail of and is it complicated?

    Thanks! :D
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    As for re-imaging, yes that means for a reinstall. Basically what I do is after I install an OS (and get it set up the way I like it) I use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the hard drive to an external hard drive. Then, if I ever FUBAR up the situation completely (pretty rare) I just boot off the external, wipe the hard drive, and restore my OS to how it was.

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