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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by tsakaloutis82, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    Hello! I am a new switcher! The new macbook is my first mac!
    But I have some problems...

    1) I had an external drive of 250 gb full of mp3, movies etc. I had formatted it in 8 (x28 gb) partitions with FAT32 system so that I can read/write in MacOs and Windows. But as I was trying to learn the itunes program, my mp3 partition was ruined
    Now I will format again my external hard disk and I wanted to ask you if the NTFS is much more safer and reliable than the FAT 32 for MacOS X. I know that I cannot write files in the NTFS formatted disk through MacOs X so I am planning to create my archive in 3 NTFS partitions for read/write in Windows (BootCamp! ) and only read in MacOS (don't forget that it's just an archive). I will only add an small (30 gb) partition with FAT32 so that I can transfer files from MacOs through the disk for editing.Is this a SAFE and RELIABLE choice?

    2) Another thing I would like to ask, is about itunes and front row. I want to take advantage of the superb remote control! I know that I can create folders in my external disk with movie files and create an alias of these in the movies folder of the MacOS HD so that I can see them in the Front Row menu. So simple and it works even with NTFS formatted disk. But I cannot find a way to do so with mp3 files. I mean, create a folder in the external hard disk (in NTFS through Windows) entitle it "U2" and throw in some songs. Then, create an alias in Macos X of the volume (you cannot do it for a folder since it is NTFS, so no editing) and put it WHERE so that you can see it in the Front Row menu as a U2 folder with all the song inside??? Of course no transfer of the songs in the macbook hard disk. Just the alias.

    Sorry if this was too complicated, but I've been searching it for many days now and found no solution. Feel free to ask anything that you don't understand.

    Thank you!!
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    FAT32 has some limitations but it's not overly unreliable. What do you mean when you say you ruined a FAT32 partition with your MP3s? I really think it'd be a lot easier to keep it FAT32 since transferring to NTFS from the Mac will otherwise become such a long winded process.

    As for Front Row, sorry but I don't have that app so I've got no idea how to help. :eek:

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