External Hard drive for iTunes and in multiple locations

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    Apr 4, 2010
    I have read and plan to follow the advice that was in the insightful post titled "itunes with external hard drive instead of internal hard drive."
    In addition to running iTunes from an external hard drive on my iMac I would also like to run iTunes, from the same external hard drive, in my living room (with some set-up using the TV as the monitor).
    I'm not sure exactly how to do this. I'm assuming I need to set up more of a server to serve multiple locations. And, I'm hoping all the smart people that read this can offer some sort of assistance.
    The end goal would be that I could listen to iTunes (music I want to listen to) on my Mac in my office and my wife could be listening to iTunes (music that she wants to listen to) in the living room. Ideally the setup in the living room would be one in which I could change the TV input from DVR, to DVD, to iTunes, so that the iTunes input on the TV would like the iTunes program on my computer (and that would be the only possible program from that input setting).
    I hope my end goal is clear enough and I thank anyone who responds with viable solutions.
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    Too easy, get an Apple TV and set it up to your flatscreen TV via HDMI cable and it can stream songs off your other computer/hard drive (and also load some up to its HD if you like). Thats the main option for using your TV as a monitor.

    You can also use Air Tunes through Airport Express but then you'd have to listen to the same song as your wife as far as I know. You also wouldn't be able to use your TV as a monitor. Apple TV would let you communicate w/ iTunes from the living room (movies & music).

    Info on Streaming vs Synching

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