external hard drive: Iomega vs G-tech

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chihiro, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Yes, both of them will require and external power supply and they aren't really "portable".

    If is for school I will advice to go with a LaCie Rikiki 1TB. Small in size, pocketable, is not fast as the G-Data but it costs less (probably under 100GBP in UK) and all aluminum.

    You can give it a look here: http://www.lacie.com/uk/products/product.htm?pid=11554

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    I'm beginning to see the shopping around for the "best" hard drives results in hand-wringing even at the best of times. We're not talking Macs here. There really is no clear winner when it comes to hard drives. BUT . . . it seems that there are good production runs from manufacturers that you might want to jump on while the gettin's good.

    The supposed drive for "Pros" - G-Tech, the alleged Premium drive for those with $$$, is getting some pretty horrible reviews:


    I'm planning to replace my entire HD line with G-Tech drives, but these kinds of reviews are just very off-putting. Seems at the moment, G-Tech might not be the bets choice if you plan to hang on to your drives long-term. The Hitachi purchase might have something to do with it. Who knows.

    Even LaCie aint what she used to be. iOmega seems alright, but it might help to know what drives they're using these days.

    So which company has been getting a lot of surprisingly good reviews for offering value when it comes to drive build and reliability over time? Fantom. At least now. Believe it or not, this WD and Seagate drive reseller that is known for some insanely good deals for their high-cap drives has been getting some good press as of late. Seems they've hit the mark with their well-enclosed WD drives. Now is the time to pick them up (while they're still decent.)

    I might just forget G-Tech and pick up a big 4TB Fantom unit (hopefully with dual WD drives in it) as well as a 1TB unit for Time Machine, and a smaller one (or even a portable one) as a swappable movie drive.

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