External Hard Drive isn't recognized

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Goldcard, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Today I was converting a video using iSquint when an error message popped up that my hard drive was disconnected improperly. then when I re-plugged it back in it worked for a few seconds and did it again. Now my mac won't even recognize my hard drive when I plug it in. The hard drive is receiving power and it sounds like the hard drive is doing something when I first plug it in but then nothing happens.

    My question is... Is this a connectivity issue? has anyone had this problem before? How should I go about diagnosing the problem? Any help is always appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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    The key is to test out each component with trial-and-error. Try using a different cable, a different enclosure, a different computer and a different hard drive if possible. Of course, you may not have access to all this but try as many different things as you can, changing only one aspect at a time.
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    External Hard Drive isn't recognized

    When you're external drive disappears, and you try to reconnect it.

    Do you turn off your computer, turn off your external HDD, then connect the external by USB, or FW?

    Now turn of the external HDD, then turn on your Mac?

    It has worked for me.

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