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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by gazfocus, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    I am currently looking to replace my high spec Windoze box with a desktop Mac (I already have a MBP) but I feel it's time to get rid of Windoze altogether). I've been torn between a 24" iMac and a Mac Pro for about a week now (well since the new Mac Pro's came out). But things keep cropping up to make me sway more towards the Mac Pro (whcih I know is far more powerful than I need).

    Basically, I do a little sound recording, a little video editing, and alot of photoshop and web design (in Dreamweaver).

    My main concern with the iMac is the upgradeability (or lack of, to be more precise). I asked a question on here about upgrading the Hard Drive in an iMac and I have been told that you need to remove the glass from the iMac to get the the internals of the machine. So I'm therefore stuck with either the stock hard drive or paying Apple to upgrade it for me and lose the 320GB hard drive that I would have had as an extra.

    I need a larger hard drive because although I don't do alot of sound recording and video editing, I do have Logic Studio (well as of today, when it arrives), and Final Cut Studio. Both of these packages require 85GB each for a full install, so that's 170GB for just 2 packages.

    Obviously, with this kind of space required, I don't want to be cramming everything else into a little space (about 120GB would be remaining).

    Anyway, my question is, what's the best option? Do I go with the Mac Pro or do I go with the iMac and buy an external hard drive?

    If so, which interface is best? Are iMac's likely to get the addition of eSATA soon?

    Would a network hard drive be slower than Firewire or eSATA (on a 54G Wireless Network)?

    Thanks in advance
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    Jan 14, 2008
    I use 2 Lacie Big Disk Extreme. They are connected to the Firewire 800 socket. Or rather, one is, the other is slaved off the first Lacie. This brings my backup storage to a total of 2 TB, one of which is in use by Time Machine, the other by backups I don't really need to look at every second (archives from program sources and stuff like that).

    Hope this helps.
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    You can definitely pick up a New MacPro Quad (single Quad-core) that will meet your needs and not damage your pocket too much, i think its on-par with the iMac 24" as price is concerned (Quad-MacPro 2299$ IMac 2.4 1799$ & 2.8 is 2299$ **edit not 2799*) but you get that extra flexibility in Ram upgrades, hard drive upgrades/expansion and a second optical drive for burning projects.

    I'd recommend getting some Sata 3Gbps drives and finding a nice external drive that supports Firewire and slap them in there, that way you can either put whatever size you need for a certain project, slap them in the macpro when convenient or take one out and put it in the case for on-site/on-the road work.

    something like these:

    hope that helps.

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