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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jamin., Feb 28, 2008.

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    Jan 27, 2008
    Hey All

    Just Jamin the Newbie again..

    I am considering getting an External Hard-Drive when my MBP Arrives..

    I plan to go to Uni next year to do Graphic Design/Video so I think I will eventually need it.

    What is a good brand/model of HD I can get? I basically want something light and portable, something that I can simply pick up and go, on the run etc.

    Do you think I'd need a 500GIG or 1TB? Im thinking the 1TB is quite reasonable in most products.

    Is there much different in price when it comes to your normal HD's(with fans) and the new technology of SSD? I would love to be able to invest in a new one, depends if the price is around the same as normal HD's.

    What do people use their external HD'S for? Besides Backing up? Obviously you would keep your songs and software on your MBP HD, so its with you all the time but what do majority of people use their external for?

    Is it possible to install like Adobe and FCP Suite onto the external and be able to run it from the external? Would it feel the same, in regards to speed? I take it you would then only be able to run it when you have your external plugged in? I just want to try and save the MBP Space?

    How many GIG's would the Adobe Suite and Final Cut Suite take up?

    Would the External HD run without a power cord? and if so, would it then suck power from my MBP? I take it, it would connect via USB? I am refeering to the new SSD without fans.

    I heard that some external drives are now going wireless but I presume the speed would be slow and it'd be best to go with a connect HD?

    Some links to some good options would be nice! Remember Im OZ based:p

    Thankyou for the answers to my questions in advance.

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    Hey Jamin, Looks like you're now Jamin the Regular.

    If you're getting a large HDD like 500GB or 1TB, you're definitely going to have to get a drive that requires a separate power cable since it will be a 3.5" drive. Also, SSD is still WAAAAAY too expensive to be practical.

    My external hard drives typically hold my media (TV shows and Movies) and any projects I'm working one. All of this in addition to backups.

    With Final Cut Studio, it let's you install different components in different places. What I do is I have the actual applications installed on my internal drive, with the supporting templates and media on the externals. That was if I'm out and about, I can still use the programs, just without the templates.
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    You have two choices with an external:

    1.) Buy a bare drive and an enclosure. Bare drives are a personal preference thing, but enclosures should be high-quality, like the ones sold by MacAlly or OWC. Don't buy a cheap enclosure! And definitely buy one with FireWire so you can take advantage of the speed. Make sure the power supply is adequate for the bare drive you're buying, too.

    2.) Packaged external drive. Not a bad way to go, but your choices in the sizes you're considering may be limited unless you go to someplace like OWC.

    If you're doing video, like I do in the field, you need FireWire for a scratch drive with FCS. You can still use FCS without the drive, but if you're doing a lot of editing, better have it available.

    Likewise, drives of this size are going to gulp down the juice, so an external power supply is going to be a part of the package.


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