External Hard Drives and Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doodlebox, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I'm an avid gamer. However, I have a mac mini, and it's not exactly the best machine for games. I can run most of what I can throw at it, so that's not a problem, but what I can't do is keep what I'm running. I never really thought ahead when I bought it, and kept the standard 250 GB HDD, and it fills up. And fast. I've used the windows partition strictly for gaming, and even then it gets down to 20 GB in a week (my mac side takes up about 50% of the hard drive). I've ruled out buying a new internal, because the methods I've seen for replacing them are far beyond my area of expertise. So I was thinking, can I buy an external HDD (off of newegg or something like that) and use that for windows exclusively? Better yet, could I install windows on the external? Would the HDD work with the mac mini's architecture, if it was built primarily for PCs?

    If you could answer this, it would be really helpful.
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    You could get an external drive and use it for windows only, there would be no issue with that. You wouldn't want to boot from it, as that would be pretty slow, but you could certainly use it for extra storage. Also, a hard drive is a hard drive, they aren't built for PC or Mac, that's just formatting. Most come formatted for Windows, but some charge you extra for coming formatted for Mac.

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