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Discussion in 'iMac' started by thewright1, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I had my iMac set up with a few external hard drives (1 USB and 3 Firewire all daisy chained to each other with one plug into the back of my iMac). It was working fine up until the time I tried to move my computer from one room to another. Now all of a sudden, all of my firewire external drives aren't working. I can't even plug in one at a time. The drives came up a few times but only one or two drives were showing at once. But now nothing is happening, has this ever happened to any of you out there?

    I should probably also mention that the firewire drives are firewire/usb and I tried the USB side and that didn't work either. Another thing I tried was plugging the hard drives into my laptop to see if it would pop up, and nothing popped up there either.

    Update #2
    I just tried plugging in one of my portable hard drives and that popped up fine. So i know it must have something to do with the hard drives. It's kind of hard to believe that all three drives crashed at the exact same moment though.
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    Thanks, I kept trying to reset my firewire ports but nothing was happening. When I tried this, my main drive didn't show up, then I just tried daisy chaining and the second drive showed up, but not my first, then after about 10 minutes or so, it just popped up so that definitely fixed the problem. Thanks for the link.

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