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Discussion in 'iMac' started by scisport, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Hope you don't mind a couple of issues here that are all connected. I need external storage space for video. Bought a GoFlex and thought I could hook it's ethernet directly to the IMac connection and be good. No go. The Mac will only read it if it's plugged into my wireless and then has it on the Network in Finder. Thought this was just because of the unit. Went out and bought a WD Ethernet external. Tried again. Same thing. Will only work when hooked to the Linksys wireless.

    Issue: I use IMovie for pre-pro. Moved 300GB of video from the GoFlex to the WD, which took 2 days. The WD shows up under Network in Finder, but IMovie will not recognize it in either "Events" or "Projects". It sees it if I want to move something from the WD into another hard drive it recognizes (my main internal storage and the GoFlex) but I cannot get it to find and recognize the WD. Both it and the GF are on the Network, so that's not the issue. BTW IMovie shows the WD drive in the "Event" library, but it has the dreaded yellow triangle with exclamation point next to it. I tried dragging an Event folder from the external into it, but wouldn't go.

    1. How do I get IMovie to recognize the Events and Projects in the GF?
    2. Why won't a direct Ethernet connection work? My issue here is I wanted speed and figured that's the Ethernet. If I have to use it over a wirless connection, aren't I losing all the speed gained via a straight Ethernet cable?
    3. None of the externals on the Network show up in Disk Utility.

    The Mac store guys couldn't answer either one of these, so I turn to the experts. Thank you in advance.
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    I don't know why the hard drive is not recognised when you plug it directly into the Ethernet plug. However maybe it needs to be plugged directly into an ethernet router and then plug the router into your Mac? if that works it would be much faster than using wireless , especially if your router has gigabit ethernet.

    I expect that your external network drives are not being recognised, because they are using their own type of filing system. Usually direct attached storage eg USB can be easily formatted eg FAT32, NTFS (Windows), and HFS for Macs. However I think that the network attached drives use a filing system that cannot be changed - something to do with how they work, not sure though.

    As for question one.
    Sadly (and weirdly) iMovie will only recognise a hard drive if it is formatted for Mac ie HFS Extended. If you cannot format your network drives then iMovie will not be able to work with them.
    I came across this problem myself, and find it very annoying. I have no idea why iMovie is like this.

    What I did was purchase a G Drive 3TB, and plugged it into my Air via USB. USB 2 is fairly slow, but it is quicker than wireless. iMovie recognised this drive straight out of the box.
    I am waiting for a few more Thunderbolt drives to appear on the market, and will then buy one of those as they appear to be much much faster.

    I hope that this answers your questions :)
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    I'm pretty sure the Goflex comes as many drives do, formatted for Windoze....As posted above, OP, you would need to reformat for use directly with your Mac.

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