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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by courtnej, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Hi there,
    My current set up is that all my videos from itunes are on two external hard drives.
    My first question would be - would it speed things up if I had them all on one harddrive instead - the logic being the computer only has to look in one place?

    Secondly if I was to do this and move everything from two to one hard drive would this mean going through every video on itunes and having to manually locate them or is there another way of getting itunes to find them again automatically

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    My videos are spread across four 2tb hard drives in an external enclosure and haven't noticed any speed drops. Speed depends on your connection and hard drive speed, but those differences would be fairly neglible.

    You can move you files with relative ease, once you are done click on just one of the files you've moved, iTunes will ask you to locate your file, then it will ask if you want it to locate the other missing files and it will do this automatically. Just be sure not to change any of the naming conventions on your actual files.
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    Speed what up? What is wrong?

    The performance of watching a video on your ATV from iTunes can be improved by:

    1)Yes, keeping your vids on a SEPARATE drive rather than your main system or C drive. I would recommend using either an internal drive (so you don't have to use USB technology) or use USB 3.0. A good 1TB internal SATA drive these days is like $80. A good 1TB eternal USB 3.0 drive is at most $100.

    2)Get yourself a better/faster router...what router make/model are you using?

    3)Use ethernet instead of wireless...soooooo much faster and reliable.

    4)Replace your main computer drive with a SSD...that will make your OS and iTunes 3-5 times faster...it should overall help somewhat as the ATV "talks" to iTunes from time to time.

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