External HD advice (I know, it's been done...)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by NJPitcher, Jul 7, 2008.

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    So I know this has been discussed before but a quick search didn't lead me to any relevant help, so I'm posing my question:

    I currently have a 100gb internal HD on a MBP that's about 1.5 years old. I also have a dead 300gb external (3.5") (I think the enclosure is what died, not the drive, but it's an old drive and I don't have much worthwhile on there so I'm not desperate to revive it) and an 80gb iPod I've been using as an external. I might buy an enclosure and throw the 300gb in there, but again, it's old - I'd like an upgrade. My question:

    I'd like to buy a new drive, mostly because I've just installed Windows for gaming and have limited space. I see myself with 4 options.
    1) Buy a portable 250gb usb hard drive. It's portable (read: no AC adapter) which is the big appeal, so I could carry it around with me around campus. Downside is it's slower, and smaller. I can get this for ~100
    2) Buy a non-portable 500gb external. I'd make sure it has firewire 800 (although that sure as hell drives the price up). This will cost around ~180, but gives me double the space and more speed.
    3) Build my own 500gb external, which isn't much different but would be slightly cheaper and give me better parts, so I'd probably do this over #2.
    4) Upgrade my laptops internal. I see there's a new 500gb 2.5" drive, but it's expensive (300) and I'd have to open up my computer. I won't be upgrading my computer for another 2 years or so, so I'd get my money's worth, I just tend to think this is outweighed by the fact that I could use an external drives with future computers. Although I could just buy a 2.5" enclosure when I get a new computer...hm

    Anyways, give me thoughts.
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    I would consider getting the non-portable drive. I have a Mercury Elite AL-Pro drive from OWC that has USB, FW400, and FW800 and they seem reasonably priced. It works great, runs quiet, and a 500GB would be $169.
    I would prefer the speed of a non-portable.

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