External HD + CD-Drive Recommendations for Air 11"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mBurns, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Oct 3, 2006
    Hi guys. Finally received my Air 11". I want to purchase a superdrive and external hard drive (partition - 1 partition for backing up my drive - and the other for my movies)... Any ideas? Any UBER small solutions for external hard drive similar to a USB? I don't care if it's flash-based or a spinning hard drive. I want something I can slip into my back pretty easily. I've also been considering using Dropbox but have no idea if you can use Dropbox to back up your data... I was considering using Dropbox to store my movies. Right now I have MobileMe iDisk but at a 20 GB ceiling, it's pretty much useless for storing music thought it works seamlessly with the Mac. Additionally, I fear using Dropbox because it's subscription based (have to pay AGAIN each year) and I want to rip my movie collection from DVD (right now I have 40 gigs of movies ripped) to eventually 300 or so gigs.

    On the topic of external drives -- any suggestions on that end for a small, reliable drive? The thinner the better -- right? I'm hesitant (though heavily considering) paying the premium for the MBA Superdrive though have no reference as to how large the drive is compared as well as how fast the drive is compared to others on the market.

    Let me know guys! mBurns
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    No personal experience with it yet but good reviews are out for it - Iomega Helium 1TB drive. Slim and looks similar to the MacBook Air.

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