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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jasnw, Jun 15, 2017.

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    I'm starting to plan a cut-the-cord setup using Tablo and AppleTV. I want to put an external HD on the Tablo (the original two-tuner system), and am thinking of going my usual route for external drives of a WB Red (3TB) inside an OWC box. I have many of these WBRed+OWC drives that I've been using as a Mini-based NAS, and they work fine. I'm just worried that a 5400RPM spinner might not be fast enough for streaming video. Any thoughts on this? I'll be running this all in a wired setup, no wireless links, and will have no more than two TVs on at any given time.
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    I use a competitor to Tablo and heard it is very slow in general,. But simple setup solution. However, I do not think the 5400RPM Drives would be a problem.
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    That WD Red is more than sufficient for streaming video, especially video actually. Since its a single file being accessed on a dedicated device you'll see the majority of its sequential read speeds which can saturate gigabit ethernet and real world wifi AC speeds.

    Real world example, I can stream uncompressed blu ray rip (up to near 40gb MKV file) from a WD Red in my NAS on the ATV4's ethernet which is 10/100BASE-T with NO problems. I don't do it often but movies I love I'll keep and watch the ripped MKVs for maximum fidelity.

    Keep in mind a WD Red seq read = ~150 megabytes per second ~ 1200 megabits per second.

    Even UHD HDR content I've downloaded to test on my HDR TV plays fine from a WD Red.

    And although there is a massive hit to performance for random read performance (multiple users simultaneously) bitrate isn't linear in a movie and many ATV apps can buffer the data so it can usually stay ahead of the curve in my experience.

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