External HDD and NTFS woes

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by inspirations365, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Before you peek into this topic to say "OS X can only read NTFS, not write to it", save the effort; I already know that.

    I have a 1TB WD MyBook Studio. I partitioned this drive into 2 parts, an Mac OS Extended partition and, using Win 7, an NTFS partition.

    Now my MBP can mount and see its partition just fine, but it refuses to mount the other NTFS partition, seeing it in Disk Utility as MS-DOS (Fat) format with a weird name.

    How do I get the MBP to mount the NTFS partition?
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    Jun 15, 2004

    I mount NTFS on my MBP all the time!
    Snow Leopard can even write NTFS, you just have to manually enable it
    (probably because of licensing issues or something)
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    Dec 28, 2008
    Some details:

    The drive is an external connected via FireWire. I formatted the NTFS partition using a separate computer. I've heard I may need to change the settings in the Disk Utility to auto-mount the NTFS partition, but how would I go about doing this?
  4. ruffy, Jul 21, 2016
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    The final answer to this dilemma, now that it's 2016, means
    a USB external hard drive that was formatted by a Windows user
    before it ever got to the Mac cannot write to it, no matter there's plenty of room on it.

    Saw this answer elsewhere:
    You have to reformat it into something like ExFAT (cross platform) or Mac OS Extended Journaled (Mac only) in order to write to it. OS X cannot write to NTFS partitions natively without a utility like Paragon NTFS.

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