External HDD


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Apr 30, 2006


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Feb 12, 2004
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I've got the 300 GB Maxtor HD you're looking at and I've been very happy with it. I've got it filled with television shows and I use it a lot (I watch most of my tv right off my mac).

I've also got a Western Digital 300 GB MyBook external. it's firewire also, and I've also been happy with it. I made a mistake when i got it, immediately reformating it w/o copying their utility that controls the little led capacity gauge displayed on the front, and their service was really good. They didn't even have a mac software download on their page and after I contacted them they got one up right away.

Lastly, I've also got a lacie porsche external (yes, I need this much space) and I've been happy with it as well, although it is USB and not firewire.

So, in conclusion, I'd say go with the Maxtor. it works and it's the smallest of the bunch and it's firewire.

Hope this helps