External HDDs in RAID 0 ?


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Jul 7, 2012
Hi, I have two external HDDS configured in RAID 0 and used in a windows computer. I want to access these data in the HDD with my mac. The windows computer is not available and what I want is to access the HDDs directly from my macbook pro.

Can I put them into two HDD enclosures (USB) and read their data by setting them up as RAID 0 from mac?


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Dec 10, 2008
Northern California
Err, I have a Pegasus R4 running 2 RAID0 arrays...T/bolt connection All Macs can read and write to both arrays.
I didn't say the Mac didn't support RAID0.

Was your array created on a Windows machine? How is the OP going to attach this array to the Mac? Did he have a RAID card or did he make a software RAID0 array? If a card, does his card have drivers for a Mac? Does he have a Mac system that takes cards?

I bet it is a software RAID0 setup. You really think his software RAID0 is going to just plug into the Mac? It's not going to work....

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