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    I would like to attach an external microphone to my mid-2012 MacBook Pro retina. However I see that I only have a headphone jack, and this makes the connection problematic.
    Can anyone please tell me how I can use an external microphone with this particular model?
    When I insert are three straight plug my sound preferences only sure internal Mike
    thank you very much for your help.
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    Get a USB Mic!

    This. I have a Blue Snowball and I am rather fond of it as well. No adapters or USB sound cards are required for these microphones. My Blue mic is neither blue nor icy but it works just fine. The Yeti is a higher quality mic. The Snowball Ice is a less expensive model with a limited feature set. If you shop for Blue mics, be sure that you understand that the Snowball is different than the Snowball Ice!

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    You can plug a microphone into the headphone jack.
    It just needs to have a TRRS tip (one with four bands instead of the usual three).
    If you have a pair of the official Apple earbuds with microphone built-in you can test this out.
    Or any earbuds with a microphone.
    Go to the Sound panel in System Preferences and click on the input tab.
    Watch the input as you plug in the headphones and it should change from internal mic to external mic.
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