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Aug 12, 2019
Hi everyone.

Recently purchased 13" MBP 1.4 8GB.

Looking for an external monitor and after some recommendations.

I currently have the MBP plugged into a FHD (1080) LG monitor when at desk and I really notice the blur compared to the built in retina screen. It's so noticeable that I end up unplugging it and using the built in screen cos it's so much nicer.
However, when sitting at desk at home, using an ext monitor is helpful so I don't hunch over etc.

So I'm guessing I'll need a 4K screen.

I don't need anything fancy, don't need any special colour stuff as not doing any heavy photo editing.

I just want a low budget monitor with a similar resolution to the retina screen so that text is clear etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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Sep 3, 2008
Southwest Florida, USA
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Dec 17, 2018
North Carolina
Cheap low budget 4K would be the LG 24UD58-B usually around $230:

I have been using the Dell P2415Q which is pricer but a much better display, stand and a USB 3.0 hub:
Would you recommend this as an external display for a MBP? Or would there be a noticeable degradation of quality? Thanks!
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