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Jun 3, 2009
London, UK
Hi there,
I recently installed XP onto my MacBook via Bootcamp, all went well, except, when I try to use my external monitor (acer X223HQ) as the primary display it simply won't let me within windows.

I use my Mac with the lid closed and just my monitor with a keyboard and mouse, and want to be able to do the same with Windows too when I need to use it. Any suggestions?

I've tried fiddling around with the NVidia setup program in XP that came as part of Bootcamp, set it up how I want, but it still doesn't like it. Frustrating! :(


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Oct 17, 2003
I had this problem when I tried to update my nvidia driver in bootcamp and got the new nvidia control panel. The nvidia control panel refused to remember that I wanted my external monitor as the primary monitor upon startup. I couldn't fix it, so I went back to the apple supplied verison. I don't think this is your issue. But just to check, have you opened up the nvidia control panel and clicked on the "Run multiple display wizard" or "set up multiple displays?" I couldn't tell from your post. But it should give you the option to make your external display your primary display. This worked for me, but then it stopped working once I upgraded the video card drivers (new control panel as well). I have no idea why :(


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Oct 14, 2008
Newbury, UK
I think the current nVidia XP driver is a bit buggy with regard to external monitors. Since I updated the driver on my work (Dell) laptop a couple of weeks ago it now does some very strange things.

After using it at home with the laptop's built-in screen, when I use it in the office on the docking station with an external monitor attached and the lid shut, it boots into Windows with the external screen not working. Opening the lid shows why - it's still using the built-in screen even though the lid is shut. I then have to shut down, close the lid again and boot again and finally it figures out that the lid is closed and it should use the external screen.

This all worked perfectly before the latest driver update, so I mention it only because you might spend some time messing around with stuff that's not fixable if there's a fundamental problem in the latest nVidia driver, which there seems to be.
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