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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by macbanda, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. macbanda macrumors member

    Aug 22, 2008
    I have a black MacBook and would like to use it as a desktop replacement since I'm probably going to upgrade to the 15". My questions are the following:

    1. What are the best and chepest options for an external monitor?
    2. In addition to the monitor, what other peripherals do I need to buy?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Hellhammer Moderator


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    Dec 10, 2008
    1. Used display from e.g. Craigslist or eBay is probably the cheapest you can get. If you want a new one, go to a store and have a look, that's the best way.

    2. You need right adapter. Your Mac has Mini-DVI so either mDVI to VGA, DVI or HDMI. Also, a stand, keyboard, mouse and speakers are welcome
  3. macbanda thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 22, 2008
    Thank you for your information, does any external display will work? It does not have to be an apple monitor? Any recommendations on monitors out there than anyone may recommend?
  4. eman macrumors 6502a

    Nov 5, 2007
    In the great white north
    Most any monitor should work, it doesn't have to be an Apple monitor.

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