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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by vbctv, Jul 20, 2015.

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    I was using a Transcend 128GB USB 3.0 as a Fusion Drive on my Mac Mini 2014 but it took a crap and I had to warranty swap. Transcend told me that there SSD's are not for heavy use. Mind you I wasn't to happy about this.

    I'm looking back into this option again as I hate how slow my HDD is & the Fusion Drive really helped speed things up, I think atleast 3x speed difference with the feeling, plus it helped with the Ram.

    My question is I'm looking at 2 options. The Samsung EVO 850 250gb or the Samsung T1 250GB or Samsung Pro 850 128GB. In the end with buying the enclosure they should come out to the same price. Or is there a better SSD for under $100 with the enclosure. I'm trying to spend under $100 if possible.
    I was going to get a internal put in but Best Buy refuses to touch the 2014 Mac Mini.
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    My personal opinion--- nothing but great reviews for the Samsung Evo SSD's.
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    Under $100? Won't be easy. I have a Late 2014 Mac Mini. I got a $9 http://www.amazon.com/Anker-Drive-E...438814578&sr=1-1&keywords=anker+ssd+enclosure and a $160 (at the time) Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD http://www.amazon.com/Anker-Drive-E...438814578&sr=1-1&keywords=anker+ssd+enclosure

    For under $100 you could do the 120 GB SSD ($71) and the $9 Anker enclosure.

    I watched a 30+ min youtube video of a guy disassembling a Late 2014 Mac Mini to get to the hard drive slot. A lot of it was sped up. I'm technically inclined but ... nope, I went the external SSD route - 2+ weeks later no problems and still loving it!

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