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    I'm soon upgrading to a refurb rMBP with a 256gb HD. I am looking at getting a tough external HD to provide additional storage for films and music (I use my laptop to DJ) as 256 isn't big enough for my collection. I've had bad experiences with external HDs failing in the past and loosing lots of my precious music so I wanted to know if there's a sleek solution to backing up the external HD on another exHD device.

    For example is the following possible: use rMBP storage for small, temporary and essential files and keep music library on portable external HD managed by iTunes. Then use another stationary external HD (or time capsule at home) set to automatically make a clone of my rMBP data and portable external HD when I'm home. So when I download/import new music or files and save/organise to the external HD using itunes, the second stationary external HD makes a copy of this.

    Is this overly complicated? Any recommendations for good external HD's, software or a more simple solution?

    I know buying a larger SSD on the rMBP would make sense, but there's a big jump in price to the next HD size with the same spec in the refurb section, and having a back up of my music/files appeals greatly!

    Thanks for your help.
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    Just buy whatever USB3 hard drive you like then backup using OS X included Time Machine backup software. By default, Time Machine will exclude the external disks from backup, so go into the options pane and remove the externals from the exclude list and they will be backed up to the other external you choose as the backup destination.
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    Jun 4, 2014
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    There are plenty of 2,3,4 TB sized external HDD's available now, so any of them should be perfect for music collections.

    However, if you can find a temporary solution for now, and can wait till Back to school time in late July/early August, you could score some serious money saving deals on them.... waiting for the Black friday sales would save you even more.....

    example: last BF, I got 2x 2TB externals for $90 shipped free :)

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