External Storage? NAS vs AEBS USB?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by D1G1T4L, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Ok I have a Seagate GoFlex currently that is hooked into my AEBS through an ethernet cable that stores my movies and TV shows. That serves my devices in my home but am filling it up and have been unhappy with it as it disconnects from my network ALOT! So time to get a larger one and hopefully a better solution. So here is my question.....

    I see Western Digital has a My Book live option with a 3TB drive with is also ethernet based. Should I give that a go or will a USB based drive hooked into my AEBS give better or the same results? I've never used the USB based hard drive so no clue how well that works on the AEBS. Looking for speed and not having to reset the drive everytime I want to use it.
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    I'd take a look at a Synology solution. It'll be a little more upfront cost than a drive-included option, but the server features that it offers are terrific. Take a look HERE at a review I wrote last year about some of the software features.

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