External Storage Suggestions for Mini Server Running 24x7

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by DFWHD, Mar 27, 2015.

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    I'm looking for any suggestions for external storage for my late 2012 ac Mini server. I've searched the forums and know the options are DAS, RAID, single drive USB3 and TB enclosures, but I'm specifically looking at solutions that will be okay running 24x7. What I mean here is that my understanding and observations are that when the Mini is running the server app, it runs 24x7 and does not sleep, thus leaving attached storage running 24x7, never allowing the disks to sleep. I tried an Akitio TB 2 Quad and it runs 24x7. Checked with the vendor and they said it will only sleep if the server sleeps and running 24x7 would result in a shorter lifespan. Also have tried USB3 single drive enclosures and those disks don't spin down either.

    I'll be using the storage for my 500 GB photo library, iTunes library and TM backups for the server and 3 other Macs in the house.What I want to avoid is any solution that will reach end of life quickly if it runs 24x7. I'll also be using my existing HDDs, which are not NAS quality for now to save money. I would eventually convert to NAS quality drives over time.
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    If you are looking for a server grade disk then you might consider the Lacie 8big Rack Thunderbolt. It can be configured with 4 or 8 disks in a RAID. If you get the 24TB or larger version, you get redundant power supplies too. It is noisy so you want to put it in the basement but it is designed to be reliable. I've had one hooked up to a Mac mini for a few months now and it is working great. Great price on the 12TB version but this version comes with only one power supply.

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    Yes drives can fail (even the best of them eventually) and that is why often people use some sort of RAID.

    Here is an example of a pretty good DAS that might help you formulate questions that are relevant to what you are trying to accomplish -


    As for me, I use external drives and also NAS. In fact, my music and media files are all located on the NAS and I don't have issue with "spin down" as it doesn't impact my way of doing things. For hard core direct work, the external drives are used. Everyone has a different need so hopefully the offering above should just add food for thought.

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