External storage with RAID for Mac and Windows, Ethernet or FW800

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by deos, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Jan 10, 2009
    I want to set up an external storage solution at home. The requirements are:

    I want 2TB-6TB of space in external, RAID 10 hardware configured hard drives. RAID 10 will work with minimum 4 drives. So I need an enclosure for that.

    I need high speed access to those drives from my Mac in order to edit High Definition video in Final Cut Pro. I want to edit those videos "live" on the drive. I also want to use external drive for boot camp to boot Windows on Mac, and for playing games (also directly from the drive).

    I have 2 other computers (laptops) at home, one on Vista, the other one on XP, I want them to have direct access to the drives, but no need for high speed access as with Mac.

    And finally I want the enclosure to be capable of downloading torrents while I am away with the Mac, could either be downlowading them itself or via one of the Windows laptops (preferably wirelessly).

    Most enclosures support either LAN, or FireWire/USB/eSata, never both.

    So I see the following options after 2 days of researching:

    1. Set up a Gigabit Lan and everything is sorted, but are the speeds sufficient for HD video editing? It's AVCHD, Mpeg2 and HDV mainly. Will speed be OK on Gbit Lan? What enclosure could you suggest up to $600 and how do I configure the network?

    Is there any point in having 4 fast RAID10 drives if Ethernet cable cannot even utilise fully single hard drive speeds, i.e. will there be any difference in performance if I set up fast RAID?

    2. Get an eSATA/Firewire800 enclosure, create partitions on the drives and format some as NTFS (for Windows) and some as HFS+ (for Mac), and connect with either laptops or Mac, then use MacDrive software on Windows to copy files between them. (FAT32 is not an option because of performance issues and the 4GB file size limit).

    Will this work, will RAID10 support partitions with different file systems? What LAN enclosure up to $600 could you suggest?

    Huge thanks for helping me out...
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