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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ferrarofilms, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. ferrarofilms macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2008
    I moved overseas and for practical reasons I started to work with 2.5 HDD WD 5400 rpm but now I got over a dozen drives for storage and I am full of external cases everywhere. I need a solution of one or two multibay cases that allows me to solve the problem not spending much money, I do not need a raid arrangemente and it can be any connection type except esata. Thanks.
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    Feb 6, 2010
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    Depending on the amount of storage on each drive, you could probably get a couple 2TB WD MyBook or whatever they call them and that may cover it
  3. Jaro65 macrumors 68040


    Mar 27, 2009
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    That's exactly what I have. Two 2TB WD MyBook Studio drives on a FireWire 800 chain. Works fine for all my storage/backup needs.
  4. ferrarofilms thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2008
    Not what I was trying to ask for, lets re-write it..

    Well, what I was trying to ask for is if I can find one or two external enclosures (no disks) on FW800 to put most of my 2.5 sata drives, I got 14 of them, I got them on usb cases, firewire 400 cases, esata cases but I want to have everything on Firewire 800, can't trow it to the garbage can......
    I already have a 2TB WD MyBook and the backup on USB.
  5. Eddyisgreat macrumors 601

    Oct 24, 2007
    Spend limit would be nice.

    Otherwise a Drobo sounds like it could do what you want if you could even find brackets that'll be able to match the orentation of the drive to that of a 3.5" (instead of putting them straight in the center like i've seen).

    Though, you aren't going to be able to accomplish such a consolidation using a decent firewire 800 chipset for 14 drives for "not alot of money".

    The cheapest FW800 2.5 enclosure i've seen was around 40 bucks for one drive.

    What i'd do is hold on to the biggest/newest drives, then take a look at the older ones and eliminate anyones that are worn, out of warranty by a large degree, slow, or are exhibiting odd symptoms. Just to eliminate the size of the enclosure needed.

    Sans digital may also be able to offer your a solution. Contact them directly.

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