External USB 3.0 for Retina Macbook Pro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by TheChad25, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Jun 24, 2012
    I'd love some input on what External Drive you think is best for my situation.

    I just got the new MacbookPro Retina but only the 256gb drive, so I need an external for most of my stuff. The computer ate my budget so this drive needs to be fairly inexpensive. I could do up to $200, but $150 would make me happier and $100 would be great.

    I'm a graphic designer and need to be able to take the drive with me when I travel, I don't want to have to plug it in to a power source. Small is great, but I don't need the absolute smallest on the market. I've been told USB 3.0 is the best value. I think 1Tb should be enough for me, even 750gb should do for now. I'm thinking about keeping all my iTunes, iPhoto and movies on this external drive so that the the SSD just has my applications and work files. If I could run the iTunes and iPhoto libraries from the external, that would be a big plus, but I think any drives would be able to do that, right? Thanks for any help
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    I'm getting my rMBP in 3-4 weeks. :-(

    I'm looking into the Seagate Backup Plus 1TB portable drives. $109 is the cheapest I've seen and it looks to be a good deal. USB3.0, too!
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    This is what ill buy if i ever buy external storage.


    500gb is 99$ and 750gb is 142$ (on ebay, at least.)

    Edit: theres a cheaper version too which does not offer cloud storage, and has normal 5400rpm disk (pro version has 7200 one) http://www.touropro.com/product/touro-mobile/
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    The drive works fine, but avoid installing their controller software until it it fixed. My MPBR was taking 30 seconds to go to sleep. the file com.seagate.SeagateStorageGauge.plist was the issue, located n Go Menu > Computer > Macintosh HD > Library > LaunchAgents folder.

    Once the file was removed sleep works. Seagate has been informed
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    Newegg has a Seagate 1TB drive that is $79. I'll find the link later tho...

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