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    Oct 22, 2014
    I have ipad air 16GB and I need some WI-FI solution, because I'm running out of HDD space. It has to be wifi, (hopefully with internal battery) so it can be just sitting near by and used as storage of sound banks, midi files, sort of "extended HDD".

    It has to be able to transfer audio-wav, aiff files between itself and ipad. (some don't....video only)

    Some of these units come with a downloadable free app and some don't. What can I use? Is the app necessary, will ipad see the external storage?
    What do you recommend a card reader or HDD?

    Thanks for clarifications and help.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    I'm sorry , i cannot think of anything that actually exists. you will need more people to respond to you here.

    if it was music then you could use itunes home sharing to store music on itunes and play it over wifi

    or you could store music on itunes match and play it over wifi

    maybe you would need iCloud drive or drop box or something like that and put the stuff on iCloud or the cloud

    but as far as wav and iff files, sound banks for like editing on an external hard drive, i don't think you can do that, unless maybe the external hard drive solution comes with an app
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    Oct 22, 2014
    Thanks for reply,
    maybe I didn't explain well...NOT editing on external drive/storage...I want to be able to listen/preview sample(s) and to load them into Audio Share..where I can edit them and send to a sample based app.
    I want to use it as a "wireless storage"...

    I am new to Apple and I thought (probably naively), that the external wi-fi device would show up on ipad screen, I can open it and see content, since it is audio file, play it in AudioShare (or some wav player) and copy/paste it into Audio share...

    Do I make sense?... Basically, preview a sample (on external device) and if I like it "send it" into Audio Share. (Copy/paste)
    That's all.

    What other ways are possible for external storage? Most of these wifi things come with an ios app to use with...

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    Jun 11, 2009

    no it doesn't work like that. it won't show up on your home screen. like a computer. what you need to do is look for an app that works with the files you have and then you can either see if their is an app that does what you want that works with icloud drive, or an app that allows you to sync files to it with itunes.

    you will most likely need an iPad with greater storage capacity.

    there is no way to really directly connect an external hard disk to an iPad

    it requires some kind of app

    you can't connect a usb hard drive to an iPad or any other usb devices because usb is "Client / Server " and both the iPad and the hard disk are both "clients" and they need a "server" to talk to.

    videolan vlc is the greatest app for playing video. because you can use itunes to sync files to it, or you can use wifi to send videos to it, or you can use DLNA and network streaming. and it works with google drive and drop box. but it keeps getting deleted from the itunes store and coming back from different authors.

    if they had something like videolan vlc that worked with the stuff you want to use, that is what you would need
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    Oct 22, 2014
    Thanks, I guess I have to trim files then...
    I contacted Rav Power for their 5 in 1 wifi unit:

    File support:

    Android System:

    A) Audio: MP3, AAC, m4a, wav, aiff
    B) Video: MP4, MOV, m4v, avi
    C) Photo: jpg, tiff, bmp, gif(image)
    D) Document: keynote, numbers, page, excel, word, pdf, txt, ppt
    Note: Other file format cannot be supported by third applet, however, it can be solved by the third part media player like Oplayer, good player, ACE player etc.

    iOS System

    A) Audio: MP3 ,
    B) Video: MP4
    C) Photo: jpg, png
    Note: other file formats support is based on the android product OS performance and third applet.

    In addition, for the limitations from Apple company,you could only move the photos from iOS devices to the HDD but not music or movie.

    WTF? It boils down to the "closed system" from apple company, that simply doesn't allow this transfer/external HDD.
    Apple you suck.

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