Extra tough case for my autistic son

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by m4rc, Aug 21, 2011.

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    A charity is buying my son an iPad as there is an app we can use to try to help him develop some communication, he currently doesn't communicate other than guide us to what he wants and push our hands to it. He is nearly 9 and has a mac on which he mostly uses iTunes to play music. He can do various things on it, he isn't interested in the internet he just likes videos and music really.

    There is an app for the iPad which costs about £100, this will enable the iPad to work like an £8000 communication device, so its a fantastic opportunity.

    However, he is not gentle with things, he isn't destructive at all but once he was finished playing with an item he will just drop it on the floor or push it off a table as it is in his way. An iPad would not last long!

    We really want a case that allows him to use it without risk of breaking it, or at least minimises the chances of him breaking it. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it made it splash resistant too as he may spill his juice near it from time to time.

    I have seen one padded case that looks good - the otterbox defender series, I was wondering if there was one that offered even more protection?

    Please don't suggest he doesn't have one, this could change his life, he gets so frustrated as he is often unable to let us know what he wants and we rarely know how he feels, he does have a limited understanding and is starting to learn PECS, he isn't interested in any sign language. We can't afford the alternative of £8000, not that that would offer any more protection and certainly wouldn't allow him to have his music and videos with him when we go out, so an iPad is an obvious choice.

    Any helpful suggestions?
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    Jun 1, 2011
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    OtterBox has been none for making tough and proactive cases.
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    Wow that looks really good actually, thanks! Looks more solid than the Otterbox case and I like the idea of the integrated screen protector, I have never had much luck with the stick on ones, they always look a mess. This case looks pretty solid, may be just the thing we need.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    Happy to help. I recalled I'd seen the review sometime in the past and was impressed. The Gumdrop folks seem to understand what rough use actually means.
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    I think this may be suitable

    Tested to US Department of Defence Standard 810F standards, the Survivor iPad 2 case will protect your tablet from dirt and sand (up to 18 m/sec for 1 hour), rain (up to 200 mm/hr for 1 hour), shock (tested by dropping onto a flat concrete surface from 1.8m), vibration (18 hrs at 20 to 2000 Hz)

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    Aug 30, 2011
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    That won't protect the iPad when it is outside of the sleeve....which is presumably when the OP's son will be using it....
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    Not sure if this is of any interest to the OP but happened to notice that Costco is now stocking the Gumdrop Drop Case cited above, at least on its website. No price break ($60) but it comes with extra screen covers.
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    I recently purchased the Griffin Survivor for my son and would highly recommend it with a couple caveats. I looked at the Gumdrop as well but chose the Survivor over it because (i) the Survivor has an integrated stand whereas the Gumdrop does not, and (ii) the Survivor offers more water resistance because it pull away covers for the speaker grill and camera whereas the Gumdrop leaves both open all the time. Those advantages over the Gumdrop are also, however, the caveats in that both require fine motor skills to utilize. My older son doesn't have a problem with either, but my 2.5yr old can't lock either the stand or the speaker cover into their open positions. That being said, if you go with the Survivor and find that your son can't work either, you can always just remove the stand (it clips on and isn't permanently affixed) and trim the speaker cover (it's soft rubber so you could punch holes through it or just cut it open with an exacto).
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    I would also suggest you put on a screen protector. I put Ghost Armor on my grandkids iPad 1. It doesn't interfer with the screen but provides really good protection.

    Good luck with this. My nephew is autistic and I understand the stress but he has made so much progress the last few years. He actually said a word the other day. He's 15. He's a great kid. Just gets so frustrated sometimes. So it can be slow going but worth it.
  12. Pjon macrumors newbie

    Aug 20, 2011
    Just wanted to add :

    Will the gumdrop overheat the ipad 2 ? I plan to use it while watching movies, music, games etc..... Plus will the other case do the same ?
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    Jun 1, 2011
    Don't have the gumdrop case but I'd think that if overheating were a problem it would (a) already have been reported and (b) would be true of many case brands. It's not as if the iPad requires the same degree of cooling as a laptop with a powerful cpu and mechanical hard drive.
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    Big Grips iPad 2 frame. Made especially for kids and advertised on many special needs websites. I am a special education teacher and we are considering these for our classroom to use with our students. These provide a lot of protection and are also "grippy" for the iPad when being used as a communication device.


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