Extracting photos/video from iPhoto/Aperture for cloud backup.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jmorgan76, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Amazon just starting allowing unlimited photo storage in their cloud service free for Amazon Prime members.

    I'm looking to move my photos and videos to the cloud because like many of us.. my family photo album has grown so large it consumes the majority of my iMac's HD.

    I am hoping there is a quick way to do this. At first glance it looks like I have to go into every year then month's folders and drag the photos out and into the cloud. This is going to take forever and I'm not even sure which folder to get them from. There are "originals" "Masters" and other folders files are stored in....

    Also I have an old iPhoto album which contains a lot of duplicate pics.

    Is there an app that will extract the files I need? And get rid of duplicates???

    I'm not a photographer so I don't know these programs inside and out like I do other apps.

    I also need to get the pics off my iMac so i can do a clean install of OS X. My computer has been dragging and I think a clean install will solve whatever issue it is having.

    any help would be great... Thank you.. :cool:
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    Within Aperture you can make smart folders and set them to search the whole library.

    So, for example, you could set one to be "January 2005" and then select all of the photos in it and export it to a folder named 2005-1

    Then change the smart folder to search for February 2005 and select all of the photos and export them to a folder named 2005-2


    Sounds kind of time consuming but it shouldn't be too bad. Just a minute per month, 12 minutes per year. For something you only do once I'd say that's not too bad.

    The advantage here is that it searches the whole library (make sure you set it to do that) so if you have photos in different places but from the same time, it will find both and put them together.

    Before you do this, add the iPhoto library to Aperture by importing it. You may wind up with some duplicates but that's better than losing something. Probably try going through iPhoto first and erasing stuff that you're certain is a duplicate and just leave the ones you're not sure about.

    Sorry, you're in for a bit of work. Even if you get one of those duplicate-detector programs there will still be a lot of double-checking for safety.
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    You say "move" meaning you do not want them on your Mac. You no longer want to use iPhoto or Aperture.

    That's easy. Go into the library and do "show contents then copy the entire "Masters" folder to Amazon.

    One problem with moving the originals like this is that you loose all your edits.

    If you want the edits then you have to "export" the images. The problem now icy loos the RAW files and you loos the ability to make more non-destructive edits

    If you can wait a few weeks Apple will move their new "Photos" app out of beta and iy should do what you want but using iCloud not Amazon

    I noticed that deal too. Free sounds good but all Amazon offers is "dumb storage" with no software like iPhoto or Aperture. They don't give you a good way to search or organize or make changes. The price is right but it is not so useful if you have thousands of photos

    But it is a cheap backup, just copy the "masters" folder and use it as a backup.


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