extracting windows media and quicktime video from a website

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by biohazard6969, Apr 19, 2005.

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    hey just wonderin if there is any way to extract a video file that is on the internet on a website such as this . i'm doing a project on the Summit Series and i want to do a keynote presentation and be able to put that clip into it. i know in XP you can just right click and go "save target as" but i tried in safari and when i right-clicked it did nothing, please help!
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    Use an offline browser like WebDevil to suck the contents of the site and you should have the video clip there
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    You can grab normally-unsavable Quicktime videos by using iGetMovies. It works for files which load into your player, browser or iTunes and allow scrubbing (real-time searching) after loading. After the movie file finishes loading, press the button and the movie is saved to your desktop! Unfortunately, I don't think it works for streaming Quickime content.

    You can get iGetMovies here

    You can capture a lot of Windows Media streams with ASFRecorderX. It's great, but the instructions aren't so clear. Once you have the address of the file you want (which you can usually reveal in Safari by opening the Activity window) plop it in the URL field and hit Start.

    I followed this procedure to record a .wmv file from a .asx link:

    1. Paste the link in the URL field. The "Tool" option should be set to "asfrecorder"
    2. Hit Start.
    3. Find the URL the link parses. It should begin with "mms"
    4. Copy and paste this link in the URL field. Change the Tool option to "mms"
    5. Hit Start
    6. The process will show the details of all the components it uses to get the file. The 10+ meg file I downloaded took approx 3 mins to complete. There was a confirmation note at the end of the list.
    7. Go to your HD level and look for the saved .wmv file. Ta-da!

    You can get ASFrecorderX here

    I hope this helps.
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    I was looking for a way to download certain mms streams, asfrecorderx hit the spot!
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    iGetMovies doesn't work anymore, at least not in iTunes. I'd been using it to download music videos, but after updating to Tiger it stopped working. Hopefully they'll update it soon.

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