Extreme battery drain on AT&T iPhone 4!

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    Nov 18, 2010
    I have an iPhone 4, and after replacing it 3 times due to defects at an Apple Store, I ended up getting my preordered iPhone 4, ordered in June, practically in October...
    Anyway, so this iPhone 4 has a 5-month old battery now. Until 4 weeks ago, I could last a whole 8-hour day on moderate to heavy use, with plenty to go (30-40% or so). Now, with almost no usage, an 8-hour day drains my battery to 21%!

    Before, I had a lot of apps running, such as a calendar app (Not the iOS one), iOS clock, etc. and it got 23 hours on idle, 6 hours of use, and 40% by the end of the 8 hours.
    Now, I have no apps running in the background, and it gets 12 hours on idle, 4 hours of use, and 21% by the end.
    I thought AT&T's $h!++y signal was causing the problem, so I turned Airplane Mode on and Wi-Fi on (This is possible). Voila, extra 30% added to my battery! With moderate to no usage, Airplane Mode gets me 18 hours on idle, 5 hours of use, and 38% by the end of the 8 hours.

    I mean, yes this area has little to no coverage, so the iPhone chugs battery to boost signal, but still a 30-40% drop is very significant. Because of this signal problem, I complained to AT&T and they changed some settings on my iPhone, too.


    UPDATE: I have new results, I went on AT&T 3G and surfed the web for 5 minutes. Apparently, the side gets really hot, due to the iPhone's attempt to improve signal. The battery went down 6% in 5 minutes...
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    Mar 18, 2011
    I have exact same issue!

    I've had my iphone 4 for several months -- worked great, battery lasted long even when I'd have apps going, wifi, push etc.

    Then, literally one night ago, the battery suddenly started draining very quickly. This is not a firmware problem, since there has been no change there. My activities are exactly same as in the previous months.

    Clearly the battery has suddenly hit old age and is entering hospice.

    Or apple built in a "self-destruct" timer.

    This would only be slightly annoying if I could at least buy a new batt. myself and replace (like I could with my blackberry.)

    But apple doesn't give out the keys to the castle. . .

    I'm going droid or something else next time

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