EXTREME Overclocking guide on 9400m Macs.

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    Hi guys.

    So as we know the 9400m is a terrible card for everything.

    Here's an overclocking guide to the GeCrap 9400m

    Performance in games will be posted at the end of the tutorial

    What you need
    1. Computer
    2. Windows 7 64-bit. Either legit or "pirates of the caribbean" version

    Mine: MacBook 2008 Metal. 2GHz, full specs see my sig.


    First, I recommend getting 4GB or more RAM.

    Second, Download SMCFan control, MSI afterburner, and nVidia System tools 6.06 (I have 6.03 it works fine). Save the nVidia system tools to a USB flash drive.

    Third, use SMCFan control to max out your fans (if you have two fans [MBP 15" 2008, 9400m only] max both of them]), then RESTART in windows.

    Fourth, install the nVidia system tools+MSI Afterburner and set GPU clocks to (with 6.03 you may have to input the numbers and apply it twice)

    Like this

    Clock Speeds --> Custom

    Core clock: 535MHz
    Shader Clock: 1350MHz


    Launch MSI Afterburner, the side monitor shows the clock speed the card is on. If it shows the current OC clocks, the its successful

    If you want to risk crashing in games, try going slightly higher (1MHz increments)

    CPU Overclocking

    If you have the same MB as me (2008, metal, 2GHz). Set the FSB clock to 275MHz.

    For other people: Try setting the FSB clock by increments of 5MHz. Stop when you BSoD and after you restart. Decrease by 25~30MHz

    Checking stability of overclock

    1. Run Crysis 2
    2. Look around
    3. If for 10 minutes no crash, then you're ok. Congratz


    Mine idles at about 50~60C if no gaming and just browsing/youtube.

    Overclocked+Gaming like this can bring up both fans to 6200RPM (max) and temps on 81c. On stock thermal paste, with AS5 you can probably lower 15c from the stock paste


    MacBook 5.1.

    2.062GHz P7350 3MB L2.

    8GB DDR3-1100.

    500GB Momentus XT.

    9400m 256MB shared.

    Black Ops

    Skidrow 1.08
    All settings off or on minimal.
    Texture on extra, resolution at minimal.

    BEFORE: 20~25 FPS, many action lag, occasional major FPS drop
    AFTER: 28~45 FPS, few action lag, sometimes FPS drops

    CRYSIS 2


    BEFORE: 5~18 FPS, extremely numerous action lag, major FPS drops sometimes occur
    AFTER: 15~25 FPS, some action lag, fewer major FPS drops

    Counter Strike 1.9 final.

    All settings maxed out

    BEFORE: 35~50 FPS. No action lag or major FPS drops
    AFTER: 48~50 FPS (looks like it's capped). No action lag or major FPS drops


    MinecraftSP. 1.7.3. Many cheats, plugins and mods installed

    Graphic: Fancy
    Render: Normal
    Adv OpenGL: no
    Bobbing: OFF
    3D anaglyph (can be for minecraft in 3D): off
    Singleplayer: Yes
    Performance (FPS capping): Max FPS

    Before: 5~45 FPS. Occasional hiccups when turning 360 degs. FPS drops constantly when flying past mountains
    After: 10~71FPS. Hiccups eliminated. FPS drops decreased when flying past mountains

    "Cool story bro, but I still need more power. Anymore suggestions?

    1. Get an alienware laptop or a gaming rig

    Thank You for reading this post I hope it helps
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    Canada, Eh?
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    oh yeah, i forgot that some imacs has 9400m cards
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    A little late to this game, but does the overclock "stick" OS X-side? I'm not really interested in running Windows, but I wouldn't mind having a bit more power out of the GPU...

    So does this only work in Windows, or are the settings remembered by the GPU and carried over to OS X?
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    Unfortunately it only works in Windows.

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