eyeTV Hybrid, use iMac as an HD TV?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by skythefly13, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Mar 8, 2005
    So next year in college I will be using a 24" iMac as both my TV and main computer...will the eyeTV Hybrid help me turn the iMac into a TV? The dorms have standard cable hookups and I am pretty sure that the eyeTV can pick up HD (wirelessly) as well, right? I am very excited to get the iMac, whenever it is updated I am getting it as my graduation present :D
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    Can't comment on cable, but we use our Eye TV Hybrid with a roof-top antenna. We get DTV up to 1080i from local stations, but they're all encoded at low bit rates as MPEG2 streams. Still a lot better than 480, though. The included software is pretty nice, but not as customizable as I'd like. For example, the default preset for automated Apple TV export is only 576 on the Y axis, even though the ATV can do 720. So, I have to manually export any recorded videos if I want this resolution. But that's really the only limitation that's been an issue for me.
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    HD over the air is great as long as there are stations close enough to receive their signal. I have about 9 HD channels using a $8 indoor loop antenna.

    The hybrid is also supposed to be able to receive any analog, unencrypted cable channels. And I think other cable channels above the analog channels but for those there would have to be a set top box inline.

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