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    May 4, 2009
    Anyone who is using elgato EyeTV.

    I installed a HDhomerun and the Eyetv software. I went through the setup and ABC or Channel 9.1 doesnt show up. Help!

    I did the exhaustive search and with a powerful antenna all the channels are picked up except ABC (9.1). It is in the same direction and angle as CBS and NBC per antennaweb.org.

    When I try to add the channel manually, it doesnt pick it up.

    What do I do to get the one channel I bought the tuner for!
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    Sep 19, 2006
    Millis, Massachusetts
    Some of the channels are still broadcast in the old VHF band. That has caused a lot of problems with folks who bought the new antenna's (most of which are not tuned for the VHF band as most of the HDTV stations are broadcasting on the UHF band). I have no way of knowing which band 9.1 is broadcast on in your area but you could check. I also don't know if your antenna is tuned for both UHF and VHF or just UHF. These are things you could check on. I've used the website www.tvfool.com to input my address and get a list of the stations with the band, direction, distance, signal stength and interference info.

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