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    Hoping to make this a FACTS ONLY "sticky" that we can print out and travel with.

    So far this is all i find on www.faa.gov:

    § 125.204 Portable electronic devices.

    (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may operate, nor may any operator or pilot in command of an aircraft allow the operation of, any portable electronic device on any U.S.-registered civil aircraft operating under this part.

    (b) Paragraph (a) of this section does not apply to—

    (1) Portable voice recorders;

    (2) Hearing aids;

    (3) Heart pacemakers;

    (4) Electric shavers; or

    (5) Any other portable electronic device that the Part 125 certificate holder has determined will not cause interference with the navigation or communication system of the aircraft on which it is to be used.

    (c) The determination required by paragraph (b)(5) of this section shall be made by that Part 125 certificate holder operating the particular device to be used.

    [Doc. No. FAA–1998–4954, 64 FR 1080, Jan. 7, 1999]
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    It's just a new device (with no new functionality vis a vis airborne usage or concerns), and the flight crews will get used to it like they did iPods and everything else. Chances are they'll be more curious than anything.

    Bottom line, it doesn't matter what regs we pull, because 99% of folks can't interpret them, and the FA in your face owns your ass once the door's closed.

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