Facebook ads targeting me based on my search behavior?

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    I've had my Note2 for almost 2 weeks now and I'm noticing targeted advertising in Facebook. With my iPhone 4s, the sponsored ads that display at the top of my Facebook feed would be related to things my friend "liked", though now I see one with the keyword "note" in it that has nothing to do with what my friends "like" or that I care about. I have spent lots of time recently searching for "note2" related info and can't help but to think there is a connection. There was another ad that popped up the other day that also seemed targeted based on my possible search behavior.

    Is information between Chrome, the Internet browser and Firefox somehow shared with the Facebook app?
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    It is highly unlikely.

    Edit: let me rephrase. If you are using Google for your searches then it is highly unlikely any ad targeting is coming from that and ending up in Facebook. If you visit websites which have FB widgets/Like buttons, then it's quite possible as they have been caught using tracking cookies before.

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